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Microcide, Inc. is a biotechnology company in Sterling Heights, Michigan started by John Lopes Ph.D., and Rose Lopes for research and development of alternative safe and non-toxic environmentally biodegradable microbicidal agents. The company was established in 1990. It launched the first commercial version of its product in 2007 and has had moderate growth and achieved profitability up to the present day.
This biotechnology company was tasked with the mission to enhance individual and community health by providing safe and effective healthcare, food service, agriculture, and personal care products. The company has developed a broad platform of basic biotechnology to produce non-toxic alternative products that can replace chlorine, quaternary ammonium compounds, aldehydes, and other toxic or oxidizing microbicidal agents. Microcide, Inc. was nominated by the EPA for the Presidential Green Chemistry Award.

Microcide took a paradoxical approach to eliminate toxic microbicidal agents by using food grade ingredients to kill bacteria in food, on food contact surfaces, and on skin and mucous membranes. These products do not promote drug resistance and are effective against Superbugs, H1N1 flu, MRSA, etc.

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John & Rose Lopes at Chicago Trade Show Dr. John Lopes in laboratory Rose Lopes at Costa Rica trade show Kathy Bolio & Dr John Lopes at Michigan trade show Drs John Lopes and Melvin Pascal with Hong Kong trade mission group (Dr. Lopes 3rd from left, Dr Pascal on far-right end) Dr. John Lopes showing John Kasich, Governor of Ohio, technology at Microcide, Inc. with, Kathryn Quell & Larry Herriman. Director Dr. Anthony Pometto welcomes Dr. John Lopes, Microcide®, Inc., as new NASA FTCSC Affiliate Partner

Funding was provided through multiple grants from the National Institutes of Health Infectious Disease Branch, a Small Business Innovative Research Grant and NASA Food Technology Partnership. Microcide developed safer products with equal or superior efficacy, stability, prolonged shelf life and desired organoleptic properties such as clarity of the preparation, be colorless, and odorless. Microcide obtained multiple patents for the technology and trademark protection for the innovative products developed.

Our US made products are sold in the US and exported to countries like Mexico, Chile, Canada etc., have been used by NASA on the space station and are planned for the Mars Mission, also US Navy, ADM, Starbucks, Major agricultural companies, food processors, restaurants, hydroponic greenhouses, daycare, and in the public arenas in health, food, and personal care industries. They are approved by EPA, FDA and USDA Biopreferred program. The company is working to introduce new products for both the commercial, institutional, and retail markets of our existing and new customers and penetrating the end-user market as well. Because of the large outlay for development and marketing activities the company is seeking investors.

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