Pro-San® L Antibacterial RTU Spray – 32 oz (Case of 6)


EPA registered cleaning and sanitizing spray product. Kills millions (99.999%) of bacteria on contact in just 30 seconds. It has dual use: sanitizing hard surfaces and safe enough for cleaning fruits and vegetables. Used in day care centers, restaurants and households.

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Product Description

PRO-SAN® L Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner and Food Contact Surface Sanitizer is EPA registered. It has the highest safety rating as seen from its label that does not have any signal word such as DANGER, WARNING, CAUTION etc. used on everyday household chemicals. (The signal words such as caution, warning or danger underline the risks of using the products). It is free of SILVER and safe for use on produce.

It is made only with Food Grade Ingredients approved by the FDA and USDA. It kills 99.999% bacteria and will not leave residue making fruits and vegetables safe for you to eat. PRO-SAN® L does not destroy nor alter vitamins, antioxidants, phytochemicals and other nutrients present in fruits and vegetables.PRO-SAN® L is approved as a no-rinse sanitizer; you can safely sanitize the food contact surfaces without additional need for rinsing with water. Its chelating property removes toxic metals.

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PRO-SAN® Powder? Is it safe to use PRO-SAN® on fruits and vegetables? PRO-SAN® is safe and non-toxic antibacterial product to wash fruits and vegetables. It is made only from USDA and FDA-approved food ingredients and/or GRAS food additives. It does not contain Chlorine (bleach) or Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QUATS). It is not soap and will not leave residue on fruits and vegetables.

How do I use PRO-SAN® Powder? PRO-SAN® powder institutional pouch makes about 8 gallons (30L) of solution with tap water. The entire pouch needs to be used at the same time, since ingredients may separate during transportation. Immerse fruits and vegetables in PRO-SAN® solution for at least one minute, and then rinse with water. The solution may be used for several batches of produce at the same time. To sanitize food contact surfaces like counters, dishes, utensils, sinks, drains, cutting boards apply PRO-SAN® solution for at least one minute. NO NEED TO RINSE with water.

How does PRO-SAN® work? PRO-SAN® works in three ways:
• Antimicrobial agent – It kills 99.999% of the bacteria on contact. With fruits and vegetables and on food contact hard surfaces
• Cleaning – It cleans away the dirt and soil that may be present on fruits and vegetables
• Chelating agent – It binds to chemicals on produce and washes them away when rinsed.
• Makes produce cleaner and look brighter.

Will PRO-SAN® alter the taste of my fruits and Vegetables? PRO-SAN® is odorless and colorless – it will not alter the taste or impart any color to fruits and vegetables.

Can I wash organic produce with PRO-SAN®? Organic produce though grown organically can be contaminated with bacteria from the soil or water and handling during shipping. PRO-SAN® will not alter the vitamins and nutrients in the produce. It will not leave behind residue on fruits and vegetables.

How is PRO-SAN® used commercially? PRO-SAN® solution is used to clean produce before packaging to individual stores. It is used as a misting agent on produce to decrease bacteria count and shrinkage and increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. As a no-rinse sanitizer, it is used to treat any surface that comes in contact with food. Restaurants, Lunchrooms, and Cafeteria: sinks, drain and cutting boards, countertops, forks, knives, dishes, utensils, and salad preparation surfaces in kitchens, Dairies, and Food Processing Plants as well as for soft ice cream, juice, and vending machines; breweries: does not reduce foam-head. Nursing homes and Daycare centers.

Is PRO-SAN® safe to use around children and the elderly? Yes. PRO-SAN® is safe for the young and the old alike.

Is PRO-SAN® effective against Coronavirus? PRO-SAN® is fast-acting and 99.99% effective against COVID 19, E coli, Staphylococcus, and norovirus.


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