Pro & Safe-San Pro-San powerful microbial protection that’s safe for people & pets! PRO-SAN KILLS COVID-19 EPA registered cleaning and sanitizing spray products and hand lotions.
Kills millions (99.999%) of bacteria on contact in just 30 seconds.
Use them for sanitizing hard surfaces, keeping your hands germ-free
and cleaning store-bought produce. Safe for everyday use when bacterial
and virus concerns come into play.
* Tested at BSL-3 Certified Laboratory – For external use only. Free of alcohol, quats, chlorine and peroxides. ON CONTACT.
Pro-San® RTU and Liquid
Concentrate Cleaner Sanitizer
For Restaurants / Kitchens Learn More Pro-San LC Liquid Concentrate Pro San Pro-San Refill 32oz
Pro-San® RTU Antibacterial Spray
& Silky Soft Hand Sanitizer
For a safer child environment Learn More Silky-Soft Sanitizing Soap Pro-San Refill 32oz Pro San
Spring-Kiss Jr. Bubble gum flavored, alcohol free, and sugar free children’s
mouthwash. Specially formulated for children’s sensitive
Learn More Spring Kiss Jr. Mouthwash Dentoral Mint Oil Mouthwash (10 refill packets) Dentoral Clove Oil Mouthwash (10 Refill Packets)

Microcide | Developers of safe, effective, US-made, antibacterial products

Microcide®, Inc is the creator of Pro-San®, Safe-San®, Silky-Soft®, Dentoral® and Spring Kiss Jr®. These products have been designed to eliminate hazardous and unsafe chemical ingredients currently used in antimicrobial surface cleaners, hand sanitizers, and mouthwash found in our homes, workplace, and commercial establishments to improve personal and environmental health. Our products prevent the accumulation of waste products and contribute to climate control. 

Our innovative patented technology uses only FDA approved food grade and biodegradable ingredients to create fast-acting and broad-spectrum microbicidal products containing USDSA certified BIOBASED ingredients. These made in the USA, environmentally safe and non-polluting products are used in agriculture, food service, healthcare, personal care, institutional and consumer industries. These products are Effective against Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria. Microcide® partners with NASA to provide products to be used for space missions.

Certifications and Endorsements

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