Eat More Fruits and Vegetables! Live longer!

Recent study shows that, eating more fruits and vegetables, at least five servings per day, is associated with reduced mortality. A team led by Dr. Dong D. Wang at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School examined the relationship between fruit and vegetable intake and mortality. The researchers gathered data from more than 66,000 women and from more than 42,000 men. Included participants were free of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer when the studies began and they had answered questions about their diets every two to four years for over a period of 30 years.

Interesting facts that came out from the study were equally intriguing. Researchers found that eating an average of five servings per day was associated with a 13% lower risk of death than eating only two servings per day. Beyond five servings per day, eating more fruits and vegetables wasn’t associated with further reduction in mortality risk. Fruit consumption and vegetable consumption showed similar relationships to mortality. The lowest risk of mortality was reached at approximately two servings per day for fruit and three servings per day for vegetables. They also found that eating more fruit and vegetables was associated with reduced mortality from cardiovascular and respiratory disease. Eating more fruit, but not vegetables, was associated with reduced cancer mortality. In contrast, mortality from neurodegenerative diseases was not associated with fruit and vegetable consumption.

It’s well-established that U.S. adults don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables averaging one serving of fruit and 1.5 servings of vegetables per day. According to the research, this may contribute to poor health outcomes over years and related mortality.

Types of fruits and vegetables you choose are also important. Consumption of starchy vegetables, such as peas and corn, was not associated with reduced mortality. Nor was consumption of potatoes or fruit juices.

This study was observational. The researchers examined associations between diet and mortality. Although it is easy to say take five servings of food and vegetables in a day, it might be difficult for working class, students, older population and children who depend on others for their meals. You need a Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner that you can rely on and also carry when you are away from home.

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